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Master cylinder rebuild service

June 1, 2007

San Francisco, Ca.

Let me assist you in building a correct master cylinder for your Spridget upgrade from drum to disc brakes. When disc brakes were introduced on MKII Sprites and MKI MG Midgets, BMC changed the design of the master cylinder using 3/4" instead of 7/8" pistons.currently have 3/4" pistons 3/4" bore mastercylinders have not been available new for a number of years except in the case of a donor car. Now for the first time in years, these pistons are available. Working with an expert in the field, I can have your 7/8" master cylindedr sleeved to accept these pistons. See the complete discussion here :


Fall 2010

Datsun 5 speed Conversion Kit Available

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: adapter plate


Aluminum Gaiter ring for use with vinyl gaiters found in post 1972 Midgets.

An exact replica of the stamped steel ones, which are NLA and sometimes needed with your modified shifter that won't clear the "can". A nice dress-up detail for any Sprite or Midget. Fits all years.

Available pre-drilled.


Fall 2010

Bugeye Bonnet Tilt Hinges

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tilt hinge


Precision CNC made to very tight tolerances. Seal halves will fit together perfectly everytime.



seal kit