The Red Car


When I was a boy of around 10, I read a book called the Red Car . I don't remember how I came to own it, but since it was a Scholastic book, I assume it was on one of those book order forms you would get in grade school. Being that I was someone who was interested in cars from a very early age, I was likely attracted by the title. I do remember thinking what a marvelous car the TC was and I think I quickly came to identify with the main character, Hap Adams, who, in the book, quickly falls in love with the Red MG and passionately goes about tryingto acquire it for his very own.

I think this is where my love of English sports cars began. Around the same time, I either boughht or was given a red Triumph TR3 model kit. Not a TC, but a fine looking British sports car none the less.


My first Bugeye,

restored circa 1969 ->


When I was finally of driving age, the car I first lusted after was the Corvette. I tried for some time to acquire a couple different cars ranging from a 1954 to 1958 models. At the time these cars were in the $600-700 range, (weren't those the grand old days!) I quickly discovered that my parents weren't going to let a seventeen year old boy spend THAT kind of money on a car. In fact owning a car period was out of the question. Not being discouraged, I continued to look and dream of ownig a sports car. One day while searching the want ads, I came across an ad for a "Bugeye" Sprite, which, at the time, I don't think I had a clue as to what it was. I think the $380 price tag was what got my attention though. Much likethe mistake it is going to "just look" at puppies, I quickly realized I had to own this car. After a great struggle with my parents, I somehow managed to get my way, which believe me was not easy! Soon I was driving this car home with a bigger grin than even the car had as part of it's permanent design. I owned that original car until 1997, twenty-nine years after first purchasing it.


  I have never outgrown my passion for this particular car and, as you probably know by now, I own two of them plus their younger brother a MKIV Sprite. Including one other Bugeye I owned in the early eighties, these make numbers 3, 4 and 5 of the Sprites I've owned. I also owned an MGB-GT from 1978 until 1987... I wish I still had that one too.
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