Speedwell Gear Reduction Starter


Speedwell Gear Reduction Starter


Gerards's Garage is proud to offer the Speedwell Gear Reduction starter as an option for your 5 speed kit.

1275 Seal Kit


The Speedwell Starter is a direct fit without any modifications to the engine bay or adapter plate. These are brand new starters, not rebuilt units.

Arch indexable  

The Speedwell Starter can now be indexed in 45 degree increments to allow customzable position of power lug.


Here's what Tom has to say about this great new product.


Utilising modern technology, state of the art CNC machining, it was designed, tested, & built by a SPEEDWELL ENGINEERING, a company that is proud of it’s reputation and cares deeply about what they offer for sale. The Speedwell Starter is based upon a type of motor the industry calls “PMGR”, meaning “Permanent Magnet, Gear Reduction.” Unlike ALL of the other starter motors out on the market for our British sports cars.


Speedwell Starter is fully self-contained into one slender cylindrical unit. It is an extremely lightweight package, (6.4 lbs. vs. all the others that weigh well over 10.5 lbs. – making it almost HALF the weight!!!) and, it has the gear reduction built inside! It has the electric solenoid built inside! Same with the magnets, the brushes, and the pinion gear, all built internally in one cylinder. No big, heavy solenoid, or gear reduction pieces hanging off to one side and getting in the way of a distributor, mounting bolts, etc. On top of everything else, it is also, by far, the most POWERFUL of any starter motor available. All of our competitor’s starter motors average 1.7 horsepower, The SPEEDWELL STARTER puts out on average a walloping 2.3 HORSEPOWER.


The Speedwell Starter is MADE TO FIT YOUR CAR. It is index-able every 45 degrees to allow fitment into Formula & sports racing cars. If you buy a Speedwell Starter for your car, it will BOLT RIGHT IN, using the existing bolts that held your Lucas starter in. In most cases, depending upon your model car, and whether or not it has the original wiring, it is also wired EXACTLY like your car! In other words, TWO BOLTS, and ONE WIRE! That’s it.

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