Original Morriservice Adapter Plate  
Here is an original Morriservice adapter plate, probably installed by Bruce Wyman himself. It is in a 1959 Morris Traveller that the current owner bought with this already installed. When the transmission was removed, probably for the first time since it was installed, a stock 1098cc clutch was found as part of the original installation. The flywheel will be converted to accept the Datsun clutch before being reinstalled into the Traveller.
  Morriservice plate comparison  
Original Morriservice Label on 1098cc Valve Cover
Current version positioned over original
  Adapter plate Adapter plate  
Original concept adapter plate
Original concept adapter plate - notice the thickness difference
  Datsun 5 speed Datsun 5 speed case mod  
  Datsun 5 speed modified for installation in a Morris Minor Datsun 5 speed case modification to clear the steering rack.  
  front Cover

The tube on the front cover was shortened to accomodate the tall 1098cc clutch (late style).




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Shortened carrier guide tube
  New 5 speed Plate New 5 speed plate  
  Updated Datsun 5 speed Adapter plate and new pilot bush    
  New 5 speed plate New 5 speed plate  
  Flywheel modified to accept Datsun 7" clutch Datsun 5 speed clutch mounted