Larry Daniel's '67Austin A60 Pickup

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It is a 1967 Austin A60 Pickup, more commonly known as a "Ute" in New Zealand where it was built and spent all of it's life. The Ute is right-hand drive and has a 1622cc "B" series motor -- essentially a de-tuned version of the motor in an MGA Mark II. It has a 4-speed manual transmission with the shifter on the left side of the column.

I bought the Ute in 2006 from a gentleman in New Zealand. He put it on a ship from Christchurch on the south island to Auckland on the north island. There it was transferred to another ship to Baltimore. The total shipping took 9 weeks. I flew to Baltimore with a large bag of tools and spares to pick it up and then drove it 925 miles home to WI.

Larry Daniels